In the Real World...
We are usually not the ones who make the rules.
Conditions are beyond our control.
And the scenario is almost never "the best case".

To be successful, great ideas must work in the Real World:

Bringing the Outside of the Box,
Inside of the Box.

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for Effective Creative Collaboration

Solutions from Threshold Arts & Oneiros

Threshold Arts & Oneiros provides personnel services and software geared toward improving collaboration and interaction in the workplace, overcoming the stumbling blocks and snarls that complicate getting things done and done well.

T·A·O provides the means to get most out of working together as a team, community, organization, or group. Whether your work drives an institution, enterprise or public agency, T·A·O's practical methods and tools for improving effective interaction, procedure and thinking will help you attain your fullest potential.

Critical Skills · Critical Tools

Personnel & Executive Training · Consulting Services
Turn great ideas into workable goals and repeatable success: T·A·O personnel training in Critical Thinking focuses upon mode, method, and effectiveness, of preparation, interaction, application and management, smoothing operations and providing practical and evaluative methods to keep it that way.

  • Techniques for group interaction, planning, development and effective action
  • Solutions to identify & track problems, successes and interactive patterns
  • Long-term training and evaluation services available

Collaboration Software & Web Development
T·A·O software solutions takes collaboration online, providing efficient and integrated tools for interaction, management, creative production and content serving.

  • Software for community building and management
  • Solutions for media sharing and distribution
  • Applications for collaborative creativity
  • Setup & Support for Intranets and Community, News & Corporate Sites

Threshold Arts & Oneiros is built upon the science of Critical Thinking, and pursues the development of creative/cognitive psychology and methodological research, with application development in human procedural and digital systems: thinking skills, tools and the "Man-Machine Interface".

No goal is truly attainable until one learns to take the small steps to get there.

This is how.
Think Better · Do Better · Be Better

Solutions in Critical Thinking · Tools for Creativity in Action

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