Perceive · Differentiate · Analyze · Synthesize

What are "Critical Thinking Skills"?

Everyone thinks, but thinking effectively and efficiently is an acquired skill.

The term Critical Thinking Skills refers to specific sets of applied thinking: perception, differentiation, analysis and synthesis &mdash seeing, sorting, examining and creating. These skills represent specific techniques and methods that guide the mind to function at its best.

  • Perception &mdash skills to see things without distortion, to apply objective observation, and acquire accurate information
  • Differentiation &mdash deriving data and categories from one's perceptions and accumulated information
  • Analysis &mdash systematically finding correlation, connection and meaning, the basis for decision
  • Synthesis &mdash the application of the result in decisive, creative forms.

Critical Thinking Skills serve as a flexible set of mental tools that enable one to consistently apply rational thought to any task or problem, manage activities and work more effectively with other people.

  • Nontrivial, Objective and Verifiable &mdash procedural, derived from proven scientific method, ensuring consistent, effective application
  • Effectively Repeatable and Recursive &mdash forms the basis for reusable procedures and techniques, and recursive refinement of solutions.
  • Adaptable and Open-ended &mdash variable and infinitely expandable to fit any conditions and practical applications, large in small.
  • Cumulatively Beneficial &mdash employing Critical Thinking Skills fosters increasing capacity in effecitve and efficient thinking

Developing and mastering Creative Thinking Skills goes beyond the average, the mundane, the well-worn tried and true. It reveals new ideas, new avenues of thought, establishing incisive thinking and clearer comprehension of the problems and situations, old and new. It realizes new and greater potential beyond the familiar limits, and firmly ground it within the practical bounds of the real world.

Critical Thinking Skills are the basis for unlocking one's creative ability in whatever one may do.

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