The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.

&mdash Albert Einstein

To Explore and Expand the Powers of the Human Mind

Threshold Arts & Oneiros' Research Division is dedicated to the exploration of the nature of creative/cognitive psychology, focusing upon critical thinking and its expression and integration within formal educational and operational structures. Working in conjunction with independent researchers, academic institutions and its business partners, T·A·O strives to improve not only its products and services, but to perfect the application of creative/cognitive science and critical thinking in all arenas of human endeavor.

Basic thinking is by nature employed in all arenas of human endeavor, however this ability can be honed to become more effective. Expansion of basic thinking ability into fully realized critical thinking skills are the result of the interconnection and interaction of each of the following essential aspects. T·A·O's research goals are founded upon this interdependency.

Identification: Exploration of the critical thinking model within creative/cognitive psychology; to identify the applicable aspects of creative/cognitive processes in the relationship between thinking and creativity in order to enable augmentation.

  • Identification of the latent psychological mechanism
  • Definition of critical thinking models
  • Exploration of the relationship between "critical thinking" models and effective "creativity"
  • Establishment of the basis of creative/cognitive processes enhancement via applied improved critical thinking skills

In order to realize the potential of the human mind, it is of utmost importance to define its inner workings: how and why it works. All individuals have the capacity to think, to varying latent degrees and perhaps on different planes; nevertheless all think and can learn to think more effectively.

The skill of effective thinking may be acquired in a number of ways: intuition, trial-and-error, both haphazard and uncertain; or the disciplined method of deliberate instruction. T·A·O endeavors to pursue research built upon the notion that developing thinking skills can be consistently enhanced by means of structured training, and the physiological mechanisms that drive the mind.

Augmentation: Enhancing Critical Thinking

  • Definition practical "augmentation" models and hypothetical methodology
  • Identification and examination of existing and proposed methods.
  • Adaption, refinement, and combination of existing methods to be integrated into cohesive instructional systems
  • Development of new methods and advance existing research

Extensive study has been conducted on the concept of instructing and subsequently learning to think more effectively. These methods and techniques — such as CPS (Creative Problem Solving). Scamper, Brainstorming, Higher Thinking Skills, Deferred Judgment, Divergent and Convergent Thinking, Inductive and Deductive Reasoning — form the basis for T·A·O's explorations and development of more effective modes of augmentation.

Integration: Adaptation of methods (skills) & technology (tools) to reflect/enhance critical thinking ability

  • Development of specific modes of integration for proven methods for various applications
  • Exploration of the relationship of these specific applications of critical thinking skills and the psychology of "critical thinking"
  • Integration of the critical thinking model into technical applications.

Building upon the science of critical thought and proven augmentation techniques, it is T·A·O's ultimate aim to establish effective methods of integration of the critical thinking models into systems and personal activity, incorporating this into operational procedures and technology in all arenas: business, artistic, entertainment, academic or institutional.

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