[What are "Critical Thinking Skills?"]

It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.

&mdash René Descartes

Sustainable Solutions in Critical Thinking

You have a thousand great ideas...
Your team is assembled...
Now how do you bring all those ideas down to earth and make them happen?

Perceive · Differentiate · Analyze · Synthesize

Personnel Training & Consulting Services
Turn great ideas into workable goals and repeatable success: T·A·O personnel training in Critical Thinking focuses upon mode, method, and effectiveness, of preparation, interaction, application and management, smoothing operations and providing practical and evaluative methods to keep it that way.

The Importance of Critical Thinking &mdash Thinking is an innate and fundamental aspect of the human mind. Critical Thinking is an essential, acquired skill. To generate great ideas is a first step: to be successful, great ideas must work in the Real World. Accomplishing creative goals within the confines of real-world limitations requires practical, consistent methods, and these all begin with effective thinking.

Threshold Arts & Oneiros offers a variety of Instructional and Evaluative Services for individuals and organizations, focussing upon practical training and specific application of Critical Thinking Skills derived from the science of creative/cognitive psychology.

Beyond Trouble-Shooting &mdash Integration is the key to solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of clients.   T·A·O addresses the root causes of unproductive thinking, ineffectual problem-solving, and the cascading problems that result.  Rather than simply "trouble-shooting" to simply smooth out the trouble spots (a stop-gap method that serves only to patch problems which will ultimately resurface) T·A·O integrates the science of creative thought and problem solving methods directly into the core of operations and activities.

Foundational     Improve productivity from the outset:
Addresses the common, basic group stumbling blocks:  aimlessness, inertia, negative mindsets, task burnout (fizzle), subjectivity, out-of-step (unsynchronized) members and presumption.
  • Aids identification of clear goals and builds progressive momentum from the outset
  • Breaks out from "habitual thinking" traps
  • Counters distraction and diffusion, ensuring task follow-through and completion
  • Builds and sustains objectivity, and encourages deferred judgement
  • Synchronizes participant efforts toward the goal
Unifying     Build dynamic personnel interaction:
Overcomes the hazards of an "over-competitive workplace": buried talent, hostility, fractured groups, disaffection and turf factions.
  • Reveals hidden strengths (singly and en masse)
  • Encourages productive cooperation &mdash "you don't have to like each other to work together"
  • Reduces fractious competition for possession of "right" ideas or "correct" answers
  • Creates an enthusiastic group dynamic (team spirit)
  • Builds flexible teams with inter-group mobility and adaptive members
Motivating     Put vitality back into the process:
Addresses the over-expedient "going through the motions" and blind "get it done" attitudes, encouraging full and methodical engagement in the group activity.
Empowering     Obtain the fullest commitment from the team:
Eliminates the "blame game" and the hang-ups on the euphemistic "they" by instilling "task ownership" and command of its solutions.
Focusing     Stay on top of the action:
Counters the "drift" that can take a group off-course &mdash tangents, blunders and oversights &mdash by introducing integral Dynamic Evaluation™ a method of real-time reflexive assessment.
  • Keeps activity on task and on topic
  • Catches problems as they arise
  • Recognizes unanticipated ideas as they emerge
Open-Ended     Maximize creativity:
Overcomes tendencies for dead-end, single-track approaches to tasks, problems, projects, etc; generating open-ended option with multiple solutions.
Adaptable     Acquire tools for any application:
As an alternative to cumbersome rote techniques, simplifies group management by providing a universal procedural method adaptable to any group application, activity or situation, from the simplest to the most complex.
Consistent     Get the best results the first time and every time:
Takes "success" out of the hands of "blind chance" making success a consistent outcome through consistent procedure and clear expectations.
  • Improves and clarifies progress tracking and projection
  • Simplifies evaluation
  • Ensures efficient group roles and role management

Think Better · Do Better · Be Better

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