Perceive · Differentiate · Analyze · Synthesize

Basic Individualized Instruction (up to 2 persons)
3 Basic Sessions, 1 hour each
· Introduction (Q&A/limited Technique instruction/identification of specific needs)
· Tailored instruction
· Intensive Training, Evaluation of Progress

Additional Sessions (1 hour each)
·  Concept Generating Methods
·  Application under Limtiation (techniques for fitting results within the limits of set parameters)
·  Expanding & Adapting Critical Thinking Techniques
·  Developing Focused Applications
·  Assessing Contextual Effectiveness

Group Instruction (3 participants minimum/30 maximum per group per session)
Method Orientation:     2 hour session
·  Introduction to thinking skills
·  Exploring the Practical Options
·  General Applications

Basic Training:     4 hour session
·  Introduction to Critical Thinking Techniques
·  Practical Training
·  Concept Generation, Group Methods
·  Application under Limtiation (techniques for fitting results within the limits of set parameters)
·  Exploring Focused Applications

Advanced Training:     8 hour session
·  Expanding & Adapting Critical Thinking Techniques
·  Contextual Preparation & Training
·  Group Method Instruction
·  Identifying Applications & Assessing Effectiveness

Open Public Courses (Community Education Program Classes)
Critical Thinking Method Orientation
·  General Introduction to Critical Thinking Skills
·  Exploring the Practical Options
·  Putting Critical Thinking to Use

Basic Training in Critical Thinking
·  Learning Specific Critical Thinking Techniques
·  Practical Applied Method
·  Concept Generation, Group Methods
·  Adapting to Limitations
·  Putting the Methods to Focused Use

Advanced Training in Critical Thinking (for Leaders)
·  Customizing Critical Thinking Techniques for Specific Situations
·  Group Method Instruction
·  Methods for Assessing Results

Contracted Consulting Services (contracted quarterly)
·  Operating Environment Assessment for thinking skill applications   
·  Full training sessions with scientific evaluation (Method Orientation, Basic Training, and Advanced Training)
·  Periodic Evaluation and Reassessment Services
·  Software & Technical Services (as these become available)

To request the Instructional Services Brochure or more information about training, rates, or scheduling:
1-866-779-8140   ·

Connecting Creativity

Legal Terms of Service: Threshold Arts & Oneiros collects statistical data from all training sessions for the advancement of the Science of Creative-Cognitive Research.   Any and all specific personal, proprietary and/or sensitive information is considered confidential and will not shared with third parties or affiliates  as part of this collected data without explicit consent of participants. Threshold Arts & Oneiros Consulting Services are built upon a quarterly system of on-site evaluation, detailed analysis and focused solution application, tailored to each specific Client Operating Environment. Quotes are valid for thirty (30) days after the date of proposal submission. Contracted Consulting Services Clients are eligible for special flat-fee rates, deductions and discounts for additional or standalone Instructional Services. Special Rates for Non-Profit Organizations: Threshold Arts & Oneiros offers reduced session rates for Instructional Services to Non-Profit Organizations.  These rates require verification of non-profit status, and must be arranged in advance:  after-service discounts do not apply. All fees must be paid in advance of service, or otherwise negotiated as per contracted terms (minimum of 25% of initial monthly fee in advance, per quarter); refunds available under limited conditions.   Any and all session rescheduling and/or cancellation must be made at least 3 weeks in advance of the scheduled date, and may incur a 10% rescheduling fee. Basic fee estimates for Consulting Services do not constitute a price quotation; total fees may exceed this figure as per negotiable terms and actual services rendered and charged accrued.