The mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.

&mdash Confucius

Tools for Creativity in Action

Creativity is about pursuing one's great ideas; and the tools at hand should not complicate the pursuit.

Collaborate · Coordinate · Initiate · Illuminate

Threshold Arts & Oneiros software solutions takes collaboration online, providing efficient and integrated tools for interaction, management, creative production and content serving. T·A·O digital tools channel one's creative energy, avoiding the tendency to compound one's efforts with the load of menial tasks: applications built around the users' operational practices, fostering greater productivity and rewarding effective working habits.

TAO Agora™
Agora — Greek for the place people gather to meet, work, and play — Comprehensive Server-side Software for Collaborative Project Content Creation, Organization, Management, and Presentation:

  • Online Forums and Communities
  • Weblogging and Journal Keeping
  • Corporate sites and intranets
  • Media Sharing and Distribution
  • Virtually any public or private sites where users are expected to contribute content
  • No-nonsense User Interface with a fully customizable look & feel to match any site's aesthetics and design
  • Secure Content Contribution, Editing and Protection
  • Layered User Permission Control for comprehensive access management
  • Powerful, Transparent Antispam Measures for maximum protection and the least intrusion into the user experience
  • Tight, Integrated Online Administration Interface
  • Flexible Function Dedication and Scalable, Modular Architecture
  • Archival-grade Text Storage for enterprise implementation

TAO Agora™ is your rock-solid foundation for launching online interaction and dynamic creative collaboration

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