No Problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.

&mdash Voltaire

The Company

Threshold Arts & Oneiros is engaged in the pursuit of scientific creative/cognitive psychological and methodological research, with application development in human procedural and digital systems: Critical Thinking Skills, tools and the "Man-Machine Interface":  the interdisciplinary integration of the science of human thought within the context of practical human activity.

T·A·O applies its methodology into three specific forms readily accessible to the academic, commercial and private sectors:

Integration distinguishes Threshold Arts & Oneiros and its products & services.   It is its aim to develop the full potential of the mind by integrating the learning forms of creative thought and critical thinking into business, entertainment, education and the basic operation even the very least of daily activities.

Threshold Arts & Oneiros pursues a twofold ambition:  to build a refined and practical bridge between the thought, method and action of creativity, a union of research, practical methodology, and expressive outlet; and to establish into the structure of corporate operation and structure the fundamental and essential accountability and creative freedom that such a union represents.

It is the highest goal of T·A·O to aid in the progressive growth of creative thought in all arenas, business, artistic, academic, through open collaboration and creative competition.

Connecting Creativity.